February 15, 2024.

In writing a CV that lands you your dream job, knowing the major difference and similarities between a resume objective and a summary statement is very important. It is important for job seekers to know that a resume summary statement is a more common resume tool than a resume objective. They’re also closely related with different points of emphasis:


A resume objective majorly focuses on your objectives for employment and clarifies your value to the firm you’re aiming to work for in the course of stating those objectives.

Advantages Of A Resume Objective

  1. A Resume objective statement is a useful self-marketing tool for when you’re changing careers or when you’re just a starter in the job you’re targeting. Resume objective helps to market your goals especially in a situation where your goals aren’t easy to determine from your work history alone due to the time constraint for hiring managers.
  2. Resume objective or career objective provides you with a way to link your current professional and personality skill set with what you’re trying to do.
  3. In targeting a specific job position, the resume objective or career objective provides an opportunity to reference the job opening in question.


Summary statement in a resume is basically on the value you’ll add to the company if given the opportunity to have the job AND NOT to mention your personal or career objectives.


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Advantages Of A Summary Statement:

  1. A summary statement in a resume makes a brief but powerful case for your professional and personality driven skills set and what it brings to the company.
  2. A summary statement can run a bit longer than a resume objective, providing a fuller overview of the hard and soft skills you bring on board.
  3. Summary statement allows you to convey higher levels of detail about your skill set and education without referring directly to what you’re hoping to gain from the company if chosen for the job.
  4. Staffing/recruitment sites often refer to the summary statement in a resume as the better and bolder option than the resume objective as it highlights information about your prior working life.


It is always not the case that Nigerian job seeker should use a resume objective statement. There are certain types of job applicants for whom it makes the most sense. Below are the categories of job seekers who can most benefit from the use of a well-written resume objective:

Job seekers who want to change career

Changing careers is one of the most difficult transitions to make in the job market especially in the Nigerian job market. By focusing on your objectives and the unique ways in which your hard and soft skills contribute to the new industry, you can show a job employer why it makes absolute sense to help you make this transition.

Job seekers who are returning to the work force after a long absence

Job seekers who are starting afresh after having been out of the labor force for some time is perhaps one of the few job market challenges even more difficult than a change of career. Here, having a clearly-stated objective in your resume can help demonstrate your drive and larger vision. This would convince the hiring manager to hire you not minding your absence and reasons for this.

Fresh Job Seekers Entering the Job Market

For job seekers who don’t have sufficient work history or experience, an objective statement can clarify how you’ll be applying any prior education to your specific career goals. It can also overcome or at any rate lessen the degree to which new job seekers can be plausibly, or legally, shut out from gainful job.

Job seekers with a Gap in Work History

Gaps in your work history, no matter the reason, can be a major turn off for hiring managers and ultimately cost you efforts to find your dream job. Your resume objective can help to refocus attention on the future instead of the past or present and can help to highlight why getting you back into the workforce is beneficial for everyone.

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